This school came into existence in 2007 out of the Founder, Mr.Manivannan’s inspiration, strong faith, and confidence in Anthroposophy as the solution available to heal life on earth and infuse humankind with a living spirit. This Science, which forms the underlying basis of Waldorf education, focuses on the study of a human being, with deep insights into the development of the whole human being – three-fold and four-fold human being, the twelve senses, seven life processes, the evolution of consciousness, the Karmas of vocation and re-incarnation, the four temperaments and much more. The Waldorf curriculum, derived out of this deep understanding of the human being, rich in sensory perceptions  – Speech and Drama, Clay modelling, Eurythmy, Wet Painting, Form Drawing, Recorder,  Hand work, Stories, Finger play, Singing, Movement – makes academics a joyful and meaningful learning experience for children. 

KOC started as a Kindergarten, with much support from the Founding Parents of 4 children. These parents, equally inspired by Waldorf education, deeply involved themselves in many aspects of the school – reading Steiner works, developing the curriculum, raising funds, planning for infrastructure, finding teachers. With strong support from the community,  KOC opened its doors to 4 tiny tots and 2 of their teachers, in RBI Layout, Bangalore. The journey has been one of many learnings, challenges, growth, and development. 

The school has a Kindergarten (Veda), Grades 1 to 4 (Upanishad) and a Curative section for children with special needs (Kalpataru). Veda and Kalpataru are housed in the city campus in J.P.Nagar and Upanishad is in Somanahalli, off Kanakapura Road.  

Our Team

At Kingdom of Childhood, our Teachers

 We are excited about learning a new, inspiring way of teaching, of being able to bring happiness and joy to each child every single day they are in school, about having a meaningful and spiritual path of growing as individuals, and about being a part of a community school, with Parents as our partners. Teachers play an important role in the running of the school – in matters concerning the Pedagogy, Finance, Administration, and other important aspects of the school.

 Teachers are given every opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Steiner philosophy and to learn new skills. Consistent in-house mentoring, coupled with workshops and seminars by external mentors, are made available to all teachers.

Our teachers are a passionate, hardworking, and committed group who also know how to make the work environment a lively and interesting one. Celebrations and fun events are a part of our “chill and relax” work life!  

Manivannan Ganapathy

Founder, Trustee & Mentor




Teacher, Upanishad


Teacher, Upanishad



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Do you have a special occassion coming up in your home and want to consider making a contribution for a good cause? We would appreciate your considering our school.
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We are also glad to take the following office material like Desktop computer, Monitor, Laser printer, Electric Spike guard and Mini UPS, Laptop computer etc, if in good working condition.....

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